Why go OUT when you can go UP?  Look in to what will give you better value for your money.  Who knows maybe creating a basement from a crawlspace will get you what you need.  Either way Executive Structural Piering is the company to do it for you.


Pop Tops!  Check your foundation!  You may discover that putting an additional on your house will cost you more than adding a second floor.  Costs to pop the top of your house can vary but normally it is cheaper than an addition.  With the new zoning rules many cities are adopting new restrictions that are limiting what homeowners can do.  Set back requirement are restricting how close the homeowner can build their house to the property line. Many area’s are only 5′ on the side of your property line and as close as 10′ at the rear of your property.  Front set backs vary from city to city.  With limited space the options the homeowner now has caused them to look at area’s of expansion that they had not considered before.  Call All In One Structural Solutions to install that master bedroom suite you always wanted.  We can handle all structural aspects of your pop top project. Foundation old and damaged?  We can underpin the foundation to support the new weight of your Pop Top.



As the  contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients.


Before you decide on what type of expansion you want make sure to check all of your options.  You may find that popping the top of your existing house will give you double the square footage for well under what a new addition would cost.  Excavating out a crawlspace may also be an option.  Let Executive Structural Piering help you make the right decision for your expansion.

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