The Reaction Plate System consists of a threaded rod normally ¾” to 1” in diameter. It is drilled through the wall from the inside and attaches normally to a 16” x 16” plate where a hole was dug out in the yard. The rod and plates both inside and outside are attached and the rod is tightened to “hold” the wall from moving inward. Failure occurs for several reasons. The most common reason is the reaction plate is normally installed in the Active Zone of Soil. Current property boundary lines limit the distance the plate can be installed in most cases. The plate size also has a very limited size or contact to the foundation wall and only retains a small portion of the overall foundation wall. The outside plate is also susceptible to the freeze thaw cycle. Since the top 10 feet of soil is the most expansive the entire reaction plate system moves with the soil and is not very stable

reaction plate repair method
Reaction plate design