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What causes Foundation Damage?

Simply put—Foundation damage is caused by soil movement. The three directions the foundation can move is: up, down, or inward from the exterior soil pressure pushing against your concrete foundation wall. Your foundation can experience all three types of movement, – at the same time. The potential movement of your foundation depends upon the soil […]

Failure of a Push Pier

Below is a photo of a push pier that has failed. It was discovered when the homeowner hired us to repair their foundation from settlement. These push piers normally fail in the Denver Metro area because of their installation sand design. This house was lightly loaded. Meaning it did not weight very much. This installer […]

Water and Foundations

Who does not love water? Drinking, swimming, fishing without water life would not exist. Well it is the same way for the foundation repair business. Mix water to soil and in the Denver Metro area you get both expansion and contraction. A double win for us. Don’t keep water away from our foundation and you […]

To Pier or not to Pier – That is the Question

If you want your house to be permanently repair then you need to pier. In most cases settlement will continue and until you can support your house all the way to bedrock your house can continue to move. in most cases your home is your biggest investment.  

One pier, two pier, lets hear it for piering

The number of piers required to repair your foundation is based on the type and condition of your existing foundation. Unreinforced steel foundation can only be spanned about 6 feet or so. Reinforced concrete foundations the piers can be spanned as much as 12 feet depending upon the size and amount of steel in your […]

Count me in for piering

Need your foundation repaired permanently? Helical piering is the only true solution in most cases. Why would you want to use your already damaged house to install the push pier? Helical piers are installed independent of your foundation. Light weight no problem. Helical piers use hydraulics to install and screw them into the ground.